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Outfit Post: Sea, Blues & Watches

30 July 2015

Having lived in Malta for most of my life, sometimes I tend to stick to the same places and forget to go 'off the beaten track' so to speak. Case in point, this beautiful rocky beach at Qawra - Ta' Fra Ben. I know some people prefer sandy beaches, but there the sea is really quite lovely - warm and clear and it's a sheltered bay too so the sea is rarely choppy.

In other news, the folks over at Daniel Wellington sent me over this super stylish watch - if you want your own you can get it at 15% off using carolinefashion. My reason for being in Qawra was actually the launch party and this was my outfit of choice.

Styling Work : STRANDED with ATARAXI

28 July 2015

At the last edition of Malta Fashion Week, I had the pleasure of working with and styling an editorial for - British designer Rebecca Haddaway - brand ATARAXI. A London College of Fashion graduate, Rebecca is a very talented designer who is totally working the recently hyped trend - gender neutral fashion. The idea of gender-neutral fashion is an interesting concept, whilst it might not necessarily work on all bodies and with all styles, when done right it can look effortlessly stylish. Buying and wearing men's clothes is something French women have actually been doing for a while now so it's about time we stopped labelling and just said unisex.

Rebecca's work is fresh, exciting and original - I'm especially in love with her wicker backpacks!

Outfit Post : Running around in Capri

I found all of the Amalfi Coastal towns I visited to be beautiful, stunning and unique. Capri, however, is somewhat magical and special. It's pretty, picturesque, polished, swanky and somehow also quaint. On a side note, whilst there, I also ate the best ice cream flavour ever - Caprilu - a concoction made of ricotta, lemon and almonds - insanely delicious.

This was the hottest day of the trip - really, really hot, which was a pity because there are so many beautiful shops in Capri, but in that heat who on earth feels like shopping?

Beauty : Makeup that Lasts - MaxFactor Reviews

27 July 2015

I tend to favour more expensive makeup brands over lower-priced ones, mainly because I've found cheaper makeup to be less long-lasting and if there's one thing I hate, it's spending time creating that perfect makeup look, only to have it melt away a few hours later. Living in Malta and our hot summers don't exactly help the situation. 

Travel : Amalfi Coast - My Top 5

26 July 2015

I'm quite a travel junkie, no sooner have I returned from one trip, I'm already planning and looking into possibilities of another. I love planning my trips, researching, and exploring new places and cultures. As you may know from previous blog posts and possibly a few-too-many Instagram pics, I just returned from exploring the Amalfi Coast. I based myself in Positano, which in my opinion is the most beautiful town along the coast but there's much more to discover and here's my top 5 below.

Family Corner : Baby's SALE

23 July 2015

I honestly think that babies must get excited at sale time, probably more so than adults. I mean. their clothes are already unfairly priced much lower than ours - on sale they're kind of almost the same price as sweets and babies can't eat sweets so I'm sure they think it's a fair trade.