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My Year in Charms - February

11 February 2016

I think most people who know me and the hubby wouldn't call us an overly soppy couple, most times we're actually playfully insulting each other rather than displaying obvious demonstrations of love. When it came to choosing my charm this month, I couldn't oversee the highly obvious fact that it's Valentine's Day this Sunday,  there are even some new Pandora charms related to said occasion. My first instinct was to move on to something else, after all, it's also fashion month and I soon head off to fashion week. However, then I spotted this pretty heart with a little key dangling from it and in an ironic little moment, it captured my heart.


10 February 2016

Coming up this weekend I have the ultimate NEWS & COLLABORATION for you. There's a huge shopping sale happening on ladies wear and accessories, brands like Nina Ricci, Balmain, Chloe and lots of other French favourites.

The best part - my readers get an EXTRA 5% OFF just by saying my name and /or showing the image at the end of the post. Read on for full details.

Shopping : Valentine's Day Ideas

8 February 2016

Valentine's Day has different levels of importance for different people, some look forward to it all year, others think it is a commercial soulless feast. Whatever one may think of it, many gifts are exchanged but maybe there's a bit more leaning towards the female half of the couple than the male half. For those who still haven't got a clue as to what to buy, I've put together some gift idea options. In the pic above there's a range of super expensive to very affordable.

Outfit Post : Capes & Winter Boots

4 February 2016

When I started this blog, almost five years ago, it took a while for me to 'take it seriously', to invest time and energy in it. It also took a while for it to literally take over my life. It's hard to describe but it never really seems possible to take real 'downtime' anymore. In the last half of 2016, I've had a number of new followers joining from different parts of the world - this means there are people reading and checking in at literally all hours of the day. Can I go on holiday and live without data access for a week? Can I not pick up a camera for a week or refrain from asking the hubby to photograph something or other? The answer is 'probably not'. My recent decision to expand into travel makes this even more unlikely but the real question is - do I mind? I'm not quite sure - on the one hand, my blog is my baby, something I've built from the ground up and watched grow every step of the way. On the other hand, the ability to switch off and disconnect from the world for a number of days is something I miss. I probably could plan for it and do it, maybe the truth is - I don't want to.

So why am I rambling? Well, I'm attempting an explanation as to why during my Paris holiday, after a morning shopping, I asked the hubby to spend an hour shooting this outfit in our lovely hotel - Hotel Chavanel. Did he mind? I'm not quite sure..at moments like this, sometimes it's best not to ask too many questions and hope.

Travel : Shangri-La Paris La Bauhinia

2 February 2016

Paris and good food are two things that go hand in hand, unless of course you're unlucky enough to fall into one of the tourist traps and suddenly find yourself being served sub-par food and no bread. On my recent trip, I was invited to dinner at the La Bauhinia at the Shangri-La Hotel. Besides being fabulously stylish, this restaurant, which takes its name from the iconic flower that graces the Hong Kong flag, serves a delicious fusion of French and Oriental dishes.

Interview : Spotlight on The Travellers

1 February 2016

November 2015 - an email drops into my inbox asking if I'd be interested in working with a Maltese band. They wished me to style their upcoming music video, for their song 'Semplicita', this was to be their first launch. My initial thoughts were to decline, I was already swamped and I didn't think that adding on more work would be the best of ideas. However, something about their name, their apparent organised methods - call it a gut feeling - something intrigued me. A bit of social media exploring, a few questions here and there and I was hooked. I had this feeling that this project would be something new, different and exciting - I wanted to magically find time to work on it.