22 July 2014

For my Maltese readers, local designers Charles and Ron should need no introduction, they are without a doubt currently, Malta's hottest designers. The duo have been producing beautiful collections for many years, with their latest ones being instant sell outs. On the same vein of thought, the local television programme ILSIEN IN-NISA should also need no introduction, with very engaging beautiful hosts and a varied weekly programme, including interesting weekly guests, it's been a success story for them.

At this point, you may be wondering what Charles and Ron, ILSIEN IN-NISA & Caroline's Fashion Styling have in common - here it comes - the new winter season of ILSIEN IN-NISA is soon approaching and there have been some changes -  it seems a male presence is now coming on board - guess who ?.

Outfit Post : Pink Flamingos at Alta Roma and Giada Curti

Last Saturday in Rome, as Ferramoda Malta's stylist and representative, I attended the Giada Curti fashion show at AltaRoma. It took place at the Hotel Excelsior on Via Veneto in the grand ballroom, a truly beautiful and stunning room that really fit the concept of these luxurious intricate pieces and Arabic theme. Giada Curti's designs are heavily influenced by the beauty of Dubai and the Arabian landscapes and fashion style.

The capsule haute couture collection was titled Shukran, thank you in Arabic. She presented long dresses made with luxurious materials such as satin, chantilly lace, muslin and silk and draped to flow and skim across the body. . The colours of the pieces were muted and dreamy, in a reference to the Dubai desert landscape.
Beautiful turbans with intricate detailing were worn by each of the models and added to the exotic feeling the show evoked.
Photos by Kurt Paris

Beauty Post : Let's STRIPE a Nail

21 July 2014

I've decided to start a post featuring my updated nails every three weeks - done by Christina at Femme Beauty in Attard. For this edition I was in a nautical mood and hence the blue and white stripes. On another note the Gellish products really seem to be agreeing with my nails, they've never been so strong and in such great condition - I'm really impressed.