Interview Post : PARASCANDALO Marco

21 October 2014

Photo : Dennis Calleja

On the 24th October Marco is presenting - Seriously Black - his new collection. Marco has kicked up quite a storm with his PARASCANDALO fashion line over the last few months, his logo #skandlu t-shirts in particular were a very big hit. 

In general, since his return to Malta, Marco has managed to really ingrain his business here and he is definitely one to watch. We managed to find time within his busy schedule to catch up with him and speak to him about his new collection.

And for the best part - an exclusive sneak peek at the end of the article !!!

What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?
Just like my previous collection, I've mainly been inspired by my current surroundings. I also have some new slogans following the #skandlu success. 

"This time round I've also added some prints with the slogan and these represent me being back in Birgu."

Describe your collection in 5 words.
Black, playful, androgynous, urban, wearable 

As a designer, what is your general, daily routine ? 
My daily routine consists of constantly observing my surroundings, but also researching up and coming trends and looking for  info about the things/events that inspire me. Fabric research, pattern cutting, sample making and many more related activities also take up a chunk of my day. 

What fashion style do you personally enjoy wearing most ?  
When it comes to dressing myself I always keep comfort and style in mind.  I think that these two belong together. 

"In my opinion, it's pointless wearing something you are not comfortable in, I make sure this is translated within the pieces I design." 

Describe yourself in 5 words.
Creative, energetic, business minded, friendly and down to earth 

Are you excited / nervous for the upcoming show ? Any other exciting upcoming plans ?
I am very much looking forward to the 24th, I'm positive I will be very nervous on the night, but this is what i live for. That feeling you get before you start showcasing the collection is something I can't explain....the excitement and the thrill.....then the satisfaction you get when everything is finished.

Regarding up-and-coming events/plans,

" I would be interested in showcasing another collection at Malta fashion week 2015, hopefully as a solo designer where I will be launching my SS 15 collection."

Exclusive Sneak Peek 


20 October 2014

Last year, I interviewed Luke Azzopardi right before his first solo show, at that time around Malta's fashion scene, there was a buzz of excitement with everyone wondering what exactly he was going to show. He didn't disappoint and the show was a huge success. Over the last year Luke has met several other accomplishments including producing a bridal collection In collaboration with Camilleri Paris Mode Ltd. Once again we met up with Luke right before his show to get a taste and little sneak peek of what's to come. In his own words.

Behind-the-Scenes : HOW DO I (NEW) LOOK? Campaign

18 October 2014

In exciting news I was asked to feature in a New Look Malta Blogger Campaign along with Pavli and Bianca. We each had to choose 3 different looks from the different trends in the shop (Mod girl, Utility Chic & Bohemian Luxe, Wild West) and then we were shot by the great Federico Peltretti.

Check out these behind-the-scenes photos - actual shoot result coming soon.

Urban Travel : Switching into Your Alter Ego

17 October 2014

Superheroes have alter egos and an alter ego requires an outfit change. The first outfit is always polished, groomed and sleek, designed to both blend and impress. 

But when fighting crime, Superman and Batman both wear capes, my cape is a sleeveless anorak - I'm definitely the winner in the power stakes here.