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27 April 2015

Recently, you may have heard some noise about a six-day shopping event called MYME SHORT SALE. A lovely lady Mariele Isodoro is curating these events. Having lived in different countries, a fan of art, interior design, architecture and fashion, she has developed a real love for clothes and beautiful things. She did live in Malta at one point for some time and loved it so much, she set about finding a reason to keep visiting.

Week 1 - PLAN H

Last week I wrote a bit of a long post updating you on some life changes I had decided to make so as to downsize the stress and the side effects of said stress. One of these was taking up the challenge offered to me by the PLAN H team - follow their diet for 8 whole weeks.

Malta Fashion Week 2015 - What's On & What To Wear

26 April 2015

So it's that time of year again - when Malta devotes an entire week to celebrating and showcasing local fashion and some international fashion too. For those who don't really understand what Malta Fashion Week is, you can read this post I wrote a few weeks ago that elaborates a bit more on the whole affair. Then hop on back here to learn about the calender of events for 2015 and if you're a woman - what to wear to said events.

Pick Your Favoutite at DIESEL

25 April 2015

Last night in Sliema, Patron magazine threw a party in collaboration with Diesel. Diesel had the new Spring/Summer collection out on display and it's quite awesome, There's the usual Diesel denim, grunge-style clothes, especially within the male collection but there's also an element of 'freshness' about the collection. This is especially true for the female section. Gone are the entirely black rails but instead are some really interesting paint splattered pieces, some delicate, light florals, and some beautiful denim pieces. Everything still with that Diesel 'edgy' touch but they've incorporated a bit more femininity into it which I personally am always a fan of.

What To Wear To Work in SUMMER

22 April 2015

work wear

This post was requested by a friend of mine who the other day elaborated on her frustration at dressing up to work every day and thinking she looks great but then having to travel to work in the heat and needless to say feeling like a hot mess by the time she arrives at the office.

With that in mind, I've picked out a couple of things that can help keep you cool whilst still looking stylish. Before we delve into the items, here are a couple of tips for travelling to work during the hotter months.

GELLISH Nails Competition - Part 2

20 April 2015

As mentioned over here - I've teamed up with the wonderful Christina at Femme Beauty Attard to offer TWO readers a free GELLISH manicure.

The competition format is the same as my Xmas Hamper competition was a few months ago - basically it's time to guess something. There will be two chances to enter into the draw - this post and last week's.