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Street Style in Malta

16 April 2015

Malta is renowned for many things but most of all for our gorgeous, warm sea and glorious sunny days. It is a fact that most ‘Maltesers’ hate cold weather and as a result, many tend to hibernate during the colder part of the year, swamping themselves in huge jackets when they do venture outdoors. It’s Spring now, and the days have got warmer and longer leading to most of us giving  a huge sigh of relief, end the forced hibernation and renew their interest in fashion.

GELLISH Nails Competition

14 April 2015

Ladies - it's that time of year when our bodies need maintenance and overhaul after the winter hibernation and to aid this revamp I've teamed up with the wonderful Christina at Femme Beauty Attard to offer TWO readers a free GELLISH manicure.

I'm keeping the competition format the same as my Xmas Hamper competition was a few months ago - basically it's time to guess something. There will be two chances to enter into the draw - this post and another one next Monday.

Outfit Post : Slogans and Shoes

13 April 2015

Spring and sunny weather is finally here and I got to go out without a jacket !!! I've meaning to shoot a few photos wearing this fab 'Ommi Ma' sweater by Marco Parascandalo - ain't it fab ? Ommi Ma is a Maltese expression that translates literally to 'oh my mother' but in reality is more along the lines of 'oh my god'. This fab Maltese designer's winter collection took popular Maltese expressions like these and emblazoned them along sweater and t-shirts.

And if you look down at the photo below you can see my latest yellow babies (US Polo Assn from Stivaletti). I love the 70s-inspired wooden heels & platform and blue beading.

Green Faces & Ainhoa Facials

9 April 2015

Whenever I travel, especially to colder climates my skin tends to get a bit unhappy so last Tuesday, I was really looking forward to this facial appointment at Femme Beauty in Attard. Luisa Musimeci, my beauty therapist led me to a lovely, quiet room at the back of the salon, switched on some candles, acquired some blankets and began to examine my face. She promptly declared it to be dehydrated and in need of a good pore cleanse. 

Four Days in Piedmont Italy

8 April 2015

Last Tuesday at 6 a.m., I hopped on a plane ride to  Italy,  I landed in Turin and spent a day sampling the divine Gianduia chocolates, eating delicious food cooked using the slow food philosophy and drinking in all that this lovely city has to offer. The day was warm and sunny, about 24 degrees celsius.

The next three days were very different, I travelled up to Courmayeur, and was greeted by a much colder climate and lots of snow, rugged scenery, craft shops and chalets rather than hotels. All Italy is beautiful but the scenery in the North is simply to die for..those mountains, that snow, those trees, I spent 4 days feeling like I was living in a postcard.

Shopping : TSHIRTS 4 Men

7 April 2015

There are some things in life that seem to attract one gender more than the other - like girls and shoes, boys and football, girls and soft toys and ........... boys and t-shirts. Girls wear t-shirts too, I'll give you that but guys..they jut seem to get attached to them. My hubby is a prime example,  he's always asking for new ones and he refuses to throw out the old ones, always finding some insane new reason as to why he's definitely going to be needing them soon.