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XMAS Hamper : '16 DAY 2

9 December 2016

And so we continue.... HAMPER 1 - Day 2 of the 2016 Xmas Fashion Hamper Competition. Another MINI HAMPER day - multiple prizes as today's prize :D

Scroll down to enter Hamper 1 !!


8 December 2016

The other week, I popped by MAC for a makeup session. I had a specific aim - to achieve a complete full coverage look, I basically told her - I wasn't to look photoshopped. Kim took up the task eagerly although it goes against her preference, her preference and mine too really, is for the face to look natural, for the skin to show through the foundation. However, this one called for a heavier foundation, more buffing and careful application.

Besides the foundation which I walked away with, she also introduced me to probably my favourite ever lipstick from the amazing nutcracker Holiday collection kits. I really loved the look, I felt photoshopped but not at all caked, my skin did still look like skin, there wasn't that plastic feeling at all. It felt like a more perfect me.

Xmas Hamper : '16 DAY 1

7 December 2016

And so it begins - Day 1 of the 2016 Xmas Fashion Hamper Competition is finally here. As explained here - every day until THE 24TH, barring Sundays and public holidays, I will be posting sneak peeks of one of the items in the hampers. Scroll down to enter !!

**Since tomorrow is a public hol this remains open until then and new pic goes up on Fri 9th


6 December 2016

'Tis the season of giving and here at Caroline's Fashion Styling we are going to be giving A LOT of stuff. TWO Xmas Fashion Hampers are up for grabs. Competition starts 7th December and ends 24th December. There are over 1500 euros of prizes to be won.


5 December 2016

And the winner of the BATA COMPETITION IS *Katia Galea Schembri*.  Katia has won a 100 euro voucher from Bata.

These people have also won 20% off vouchers

Outfit Post : Wearing Henry at MANGANO

4 December 2016

A lot of people often comment about how much my style can change from one day to the next and I know they're right - I tend to dress according to my mood, according to the person I want to be on that day. For me dressing up is about having fun, almost like donning a costume. So some people seem to think that my style is similar to Scandi - style, you know long jackets, culottes and sneakers, others think I'm all about the pretty dresses. I like a lot of things but probably the closest to my heart is the pretty dress. People who remember me as a child say that even back then I was all about showing off my dress and frills and bouncing around happily.