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Brand Spotlight : A Look at F&F in MALTA

20 November 2014

Soooooo F&F is opening in Malta and a lot of people are mega excited - it's a brand with brilliant prices but still focuses on style and has quite a few chic numbers. Plus it serves all the ages and sexes - their kids range has actually been popular for a while here, lots of people buy online. I had never actually been inside an F&F store so the PINK fashion show was the first time I got to actually see their clothes and inspect the quality, I'm quite impressed with the adult line, for the prices the quality and style is above what you'd expect.

News Flash : Designer Auction on Ilsien in-Nisa

This evening on Ilsien in-Nisa something special is happening - there's an auction in aid of L-Istrina going down and all the items are pieces from our very own local designers. They're the same designers who participated in the photoshoot I styled for the Ilsien in- Nisa WEEKLY MAGAZINE - read more about it here.

Urban Travel : Beige Coats & BUBBLES

19 November 2014

If you're a regular reader of this blog you may have got a slight inkling that I'm a  child at heart. I do believe that inkling may be correct because when I was in a sweet shop (Camilleri in Valletta and I almost bought EVERYTHING) and saw this bubble making device, I couldn't resist. Plus I think the colours of the bubbles blend in perfectly with my beige coat and patterned scarf from MEXX...

Shopping : Cardigans & Sweaters at MAX&Co

18 November 2014

max and co
Finally Winter has arrived and it's getting warm and cosy time which means cardigans and sweaters. At MAX&Co there are some truly beautiful, luxurious ones on offer. Fabrics such as wool, nylon, cashmere, mohair, cable work, interesting patterns and vibrant colours are all present in these little beauties.

Interview : Sarah Zerafa - Venere

Sarah Zerafa is a girl who has always intrigued me - she's very sweet, has a great sense of style which she loves to mix up and change around and takes really great pictures. Whilst she may not have the height generally sought after for modelling, there's something about her that grabs your attention, simply put, her photos catch your eye. When she auditioned for Venere and got accepted I was very pleased and I have been following her success with a lot of interest.

With this in mind I've decided that she should be the second of the Venere girls you'all should meet - so ladies and gents I give you Sarah Zerafa.