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27 April 2016

These monthly Pandora posts are really good at keeping track of time but they also serve to allow me to realise just how quickly time tends to pass, especially when you have a million and one things to get done. So as I said last month April is a new month, a new season, a new wardrobe, new scents. I'm much more alive in warmer months, I feel too cold in Winter - I feel limited and less energetic. 

Travel: Roman Holiday

26 April 2016

Rome is really one of my favourite cities, well at least from the cities I have visited - there are a few left on the bucket list. This was not my first trip to Rome, it actually felt like I was visiting Gozo, I know it so well. It never fails me and never bores me - there's always a new corner to discover and old favourites to visit. It really, really is a wonderful city. I was in Rome last weekend spending some quality time with my Mother, was a wonderful trip with lots of food, shopping and loads of walks.

Interview: Choosing the Right Gym Shoes

25 April 2016

Today we are enlisting the help of Foot Doctor Yvonne Grattan (resident foot doctor at Living Well Health Club) to gain some sport=shoe-related know-how. 

When it comes to choosing gym shoes - I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that my main priority has somewhat always been aesthetic. Comfort always played a big part - but I never really delved into the different types of soles and support features. I've always been somewhat hazily aware that there are different types of sport shoes for different activities but my knowledge stopped there. I recently decided to get a new pair of Adidas gym shoes. At Eurosport, they asked me lots of questions about what sport I did, if I intended to run marathons etc, the shoes I was eyeing up turned out to sadly, be a bad idea - they were all white you guys! I did end up with a beautiful looking pair that is less likely to burst in my feet whilst doing burpees.

Trends : Back in the EYE Game

20 April 2016

I've always loved sunglasses - I mean, the amount of different pairs I own is a testament to that fact -it's not like I break them or there's a specific reason for such an amount....This summer, though, I think I might be umm bordering on obsessing. The increased interest started slowly - when I first started my collaboration with O'hea Opticians last month and tried on all the different pairs. 

One month later and we've collaborated again on a second installment of the series. 

Well, now there's no hope for me, I'm hopelessly addicted. I've literally spent the last week thinking about sunglasses, looking at catwalk photos to see the different trends in action and trying the same pairs over and over trying in vain to decide what I like most and want.

Beauty : PUPA Dot-SHOCK - Pink Glory

18 April 2016

By far the makeup product category of which I own most items is lip products. There's always a new shade, a new consistency, a new formula that I want to try. So when PUPA asked me to review their newest baby, I was more than happy to play along. 

Trends : Let's talk about the New Season - Edition 1

14 April 2016

I've been declaring that Spring is here / Summer is almost here for a few posts now and well especially here in Malta, it really is time to put the Winter coats away. It's also time to get down to business and start discussing the new season trends and yes, of course, scouting online deals.