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Events Post : Ferramoda

25 November 2014

Last Sunday, at the Mediterranean Conference Center, the 10th edition of Ferramoda took place - besides providing a lovely night of Fashion, the main scope of this event is to raise funds for underprivileged children in Malta. 

Family Corner : BABIES & TODDLERS @ Kiabi

24 November 2014

Maybe it's the fact that I'm soon to become an aunt (hurrah!) that's increasing this factor, but I find that whenever I look at 'little' clothes I just want to buy everything - there's just something so cute about a little pair of shoes, a little frilly dress, a little shirt and tie and..well.. basically anything little, it's the little that does it. 

I apologise for missing last week's edition of the Family corner, too many things happened last week and I simply lost track of time - but hey you get it bright and early on a Tuesday morning.

Events : Backstage at Ferramoda

23 November 2014

Yesterday, at Ferramoda, the designer artisan, luxury brand Ferragiu launched in Malta for the very first time. Also, showcasing at the event were designers Lucia De Su and Anton Guilio Grande. I was working backstage which means some backstage sneak moments right before the girls went out onto the catwalk. Models from supernova.

Brand Spotlight : A Look at F&F in MALTA

20 November 2014

Soooooo F&F is opening in Malta and a lot of people are mega excited - it's a brand with brilliant prices but still focuses on style and has quite a few chic numbers. Plus it serves all the ages and sexes - their kids range has actually been popular for a while here, lots of people buy online. I had never actually been inside an F&F store so the PINK fashion show was the first time I got to actually see their clothes and inspect the quality, I'm quite impressed with the adult line, for the prices the quality and style is above what you'd expect.

News Flash : Designer Auction on Ilsien in-Nisa

This evening on Ilsien in-Nisa something special is happening - there's an auction in aid of L-Istrina going down and all the items are pieces from our very own local designers. They're the same designers who participated in the photoshoot I styled for the Ilsien in- Nisa WEEKLY MAGAZINE - read more about it here.