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Travel : Roaming around Sunny London

7 July 2015

A week ago, I spent a long weekend in London and for once it was nice and sunny which has actually never happened to me in London before. I didn't have any specific plans so I literally just walked around central London soaking up the busy atmosphere (it was Gay Pride Weekend) and checking out the high- end shop front displays (slideshow further down).

Beauty Post : Temporary Purple Hair

6 July 2015

I love shocking, coloured hair and I'd love nothing more than to dye my hair a permanent, bright, shocking purple colour. Sadly, my fine, curly hair has serious limitations on what it can endure, in fact, at present, it's rather irritated with all the styling I put it through over the winter months. 

When I spotted this powder purple product by Label M, I was rather intrigued to say the least - the idea of being able to sport purple hair for a day or two, excited me no end.

Outfit Post : Graphics in Tormina

2 July 2015

Last week was one of my craziest weeks ever - it spanned 3 countries - a wedding in Tormina - a google conference in Dublin, and a short holiday/exhibition-viewing in London. Taormina is really beautiful at this time of year, I had ony been in August and it's generally much busier then so this was really lovely - there's so much good food, shopping, walks - one of my favourite places to spend a few days.

The Entertainer : Beach Personal Training

30 June 2015

I've teamed up with the Entertainer once again and set off on a new adventure - this time on an outdoor/beach personal training session with Jungle Spirit (one of the 2 for 1 services available on The Entertainer). 

The Entertainer is a new 2-for-1 app that was launched in Malta - you buy, either as an app or as a hard-copy book, you then have a set of 2-for-1 vouchers for a range of different services that can be used any day & time.

I also got you guys a 10% discount on the product - simply enter CAROLINE10 in the promo code box in the shopping cart from the website.

The session lasted about an hour. I met my trainer Balazs at 7 a.m. at Exiles, straight away from his attitude, I knew this was going to be a tough session. It kicked off with a jog and run across the beach for about 15 minutes, part of which included running up and down steps and continued with a series of exercises including strength exercises, core work, and flexibility training.

After the hour session was done, I was well and truly wiped but I also felt really good. My posture felt better and my body felt looser. What I really liked was that it felt as though I had got a total body workout oot just for instance a leg workout or an arms workout. This was my first time training outdoors, I'm normally more of a gym inbound person. The great thing is he taught me some tips and exercises that I can use by myself at the gym.

Personal Training is a great way to get fit but it doesn't come cheap, at least with the Entertainer you can get 2 sessions for the price of 1 and they also have other exercise class offers you can mak use of.

If you decide to buy the product remember to use my promo and get 10% discount - simply enter CAROLINE10 in the promo code box in the shopping cart from the website.

Family Corner : Name Tags for Children

26 June 2015

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you must know that I've spent the last two days at a Google Conference. I met so many interesting people, all of them running different SME digital companies - some startups, some non-profit, others highly profitable. One business owner who really caught my interest is the owner of a company called My Nametags. This product is really quite innovative and perfect for this week's family corner edition. 

Shopping Post : RAOUL

25 June 2015

Who is RAOUL?

RAOUL, from the house of F J Benjamin is one of those brands that is currently enjoying a wave of popularity. Douglas and Odile Benjamin are the husband and wife power couple behind this Singapore - based brand. The new collection. Has just arrived to Malta, at Rebelli so I thought I'd stop by and have a look. I love the feminine, powerful cuts, the graphical prints and the combination of different fabrics. There's a lot of versatility in the range even as to which occasion to wear the pieces too - there are long, beautiful dresses, midi skirts, tailored shorts and kimonos.