Events Post : LFW : Backstage at GYO YUNI KIMCHOE

17 September 2014

I was invited backstage at the London Fashion Week Fashion Scout Merit Award Show by Toni&Guy, the merit award winner is designer GYOYUNI KIMCHOE. I've been backstage at many fashion shows over the years, I've worked backstage most of the time I've been backstage, at London Fashion Week the great thing is that I got to go backstage, both for this publication and for Noctis Magazine a few times, simply as a writer. My only purpose was to's actually really interesting..watching the designer working with the stylist and watching the makeup team work hand in hand with the hair team.

Outfit Post : It's all about FUR

Street Style LFW ss15
Day 4 at London Fashion Week SS15 - You night recall my mega exciting news that come September I was to be brand ambassador for Max&Co Malta, well, we decided to kick it off at London Fashion Week with this AMAZING faux fur coat - it's a beautiful mix of blue and black colours and the texture is absolutely brilliant, soft and smooth..a part of me was worried someone might think it's real and throw a bucket of red paint at me....


16 September 2014

On  the third it was a bit cloudy and rainy so a parka was the order of the day of course SNEAKERS. I decided to go for a mix of bright colours and some pattern mixing ..and I had my hair dun later on - check out that post here. You can also see I took some Malta Fashion with me to LFW - I'm wearing a Charles and Ron scarf. Check out the rest of the photos