Events Post : PARASCANDALO Marco - Seriously Black

24 October 2014

I had fun tonight, Marco's show and collection is edgy, fun, intelligent, witty and just plain cool. Black was the omnipresent colour as the title of the collection Seriously Black would imply. In an interview I conducted earlier this week, Marco described being inspired by his surroundings which are currently the local city of Birgu and it's quaint old but thriving vibe, his time spent in east london can also comes across in the overall look of his collection. There are many interesting pieces in this collection but his slogan sweaters are the standout items for me, but a mention must be given to the shirts, torn trousers and well actually everything.

All Photos by Kurt Paris

Family Corner : Little Girls Need Jackets

And just like that, it's suddenly cold in Malta (we'll see how long it lasts), it's time to start pulling out the jackets, especially for the little ones. 

As promised, there are going to be more family related posts on my blog and I've titled the category 'Family Corner' - Like it? 


23 October 2014

Today I asked the title question on Facebook and it kicked up quite a storm, whilst some people agree with the statement, the majority don't - maybe Malta and it's desire and mentality to box and create rules for everything is finally changing and allowing for more 'freedom'.

The fashion world as it is today makes rules one season only to break them the next - case in point - don't match ANYTHING one year..oh actually let's match everything the next year. So with this in mind, can there still be rules and can there still be a concept of something being ‘age appropriate’?

Outfit Post : It's a PURPLE Hole in the WALL or BAG

Last weekend was an out-of-ordinary experience for me, the hubby and I actually managed to not work for an entire weekend and we spent it at the Palace Hotel. We played board games, ate way too much junk food and just chilled.

Sat morning we stepped out for a short walk and he had his camera..ok so I made him work a little bit, this is an honest-to-god, not-in-any-way-planned general outfit. 

I'm wearing a new Coccinelle bag that I love and I think is perfectly positioned next to the Hole in the Wall bar name because it doesn't have an actual closing mechanism of any sort so it's a hole in the bag :D plus it looks like a bucket


22 October 2014

That Luke has great vision and design skills and knows how to think outside the box is not exactly a news flash. In all his previous works, Luke has excelled at originality and exquisite tailoring. This collection, rises another notch both in the design and also in his use of fabrics - the fabrics, which are all from Camilleri Paris Mode, are absolutely stupendous, one might say majestic - brocades, velvet, silks, all make an appearance. However, as superb as the quality of the fabrics are, it is his play on combining these different fabrics and this combination of textures that captivated me - in an interesting twist, Luke even used pure silk upholstery material for one of his pieces.