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Family Corner : Maternity Wear

23 January 2015

Since I've never been pregnant myself, as I mentioned in this first post - which touched on the subject of maternity wear - my experience and knowledge is limited to what I've read and heard. From what I can make out however, dressing yourself when heavily pregnant is no mean task, especially in Malta - apparently here, the choice is really really limited.

Random Post : Handbag Organisers

22 January 2015

One of the things I hate most is hunting for stuff in my large bags - whatever I'm looking for, somehow, always seems to be right at the bottom, which means it takes me ages to find it. Changing around large handbags is also a nightmare as it involves transferring all the various items from one bag to another. I could of course buy more compartmental or smaller bags or always use the same handbag but what's the fun in that. 

Body Shape Post : How to Choose the Right Boots

20 January 2015

Boots, just like our bodies are not made equal, a lot of people don't realise that our different shapes and sizes actually somewhat dictate which boot style will flatter us most.

Before we delve into boots for body types, I've already written many body shape posts including the all-important how to learn your body shapewhat to wear if you're a pearwhat to wear if you're an apple. You might want to learn a bit more about your own body before reading the rest of this article. If you already know your shape, then here's the boot & body shape lowdown.


19 January 2015

Last September when I travelled to London for Fashion Week, I attended a beauty event at which I was introduced to Ark Skincare. Before I left, they were kind enough to gift me this Anti-Ageing Skin Protector Primer with SPF 30. I've been using it nearly every day ever since. The product contains a bunch of useful and beneficial ingredients - shea butter, extracts of jojoba, vitamin E , mimosa and sunflower. It is a primer meaning it is designed for use under makeup, possibly, if desired, over moisturiser - it smoothens skin out quite well and foundation glides on more easily after using this product.

Family Corner : Auntie Time

16 January 2015

As you know, Friday is Family Corner time and today is bit special because I'm just become an auntie - yep it has been one eventful week - what with still ongoing birthday celebrations and waiting for the baby to arrive  - a lot has happened. It's a wonderful, baby girl and I'm looking forward to clad her in the pinkest, cutest items money can buy, possibly for the rest of her life :P.

Random : It's My Birthday !!

15 January 2015

Since my birthday falls so close to the start of the new year, I tend to measure a year from one birthday to the next, so today is when I take a look back on all that the last year has brought, with all its highs and lows.