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Shopping : Black Friday - Malta & Online

27 November 2015

For those not in the know, Black Friday is a tradition started in the United States, whereby the day after Thanksgiving is regarded the first day of Christmas shopping and the day when lots of shops go on sale with huge promotional deals. In Europe, in recent years, many stores have also adopted the tradition with many offering at least 20% on new stock. This year seems to be the first year that Malta has taken up the trend and many are offering discounts all weekend.

Outfit Post : Playing Autumn

26 November 2015

One of the things I miss most about living abroad is the lack of Autumn - it is such a beautiful season, especially in colder climates, so green, so many fallen leaves, such lovely countryside. We don't really get that here, we tend to bypass the season although anyway even if we did  get it, our patches of countryside wouldn't really feel the same.

Events : A Night with Peter Langner

25 November 2015

Last night at Camilleri Paris Mode, designer Peter Langner presented a selection from his 2016 collection of bridal gowns and couture evening dresses. This designer is renowned for not creating dresses that are somewhat different to the ordinary, almost architectural in their designs. Every aspect of the work, both design and production, is controlled by him and made in house.

My Year in Charms - November

24 November 2015

It feels like yesterday that I wrote the first installment of this series, I can't believe its's already the end of November and almost Christmas Time. So it's time for the second installment of this PANDORA series which basically encompasses my year-long story in charms. 

I've most definitely failed with last month's charm resolution which included picking a bike that meant I now had to learn how to ride properly. I do refuse to feel bad though - my hubby teacher has not made enough time for me - that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it (whatever he says). On the more positive side of the news, there was some bike development, I started going indoor spinning again which is something I had stopped over the last few months. Basically, the good news is that I get to be a gerbil again some mornings.

Shopping Post : Cuddly Clothes

22 November 2015

I'm one of those people that's always cold. In Winter, whilst others seem to be getting by just fine wearing just two thin layers, I'm the one buried under layers and layers and more layers - almost obliterating my actual self. It does feel somewhat unfortunate, especially during really cold spells but there are some pros - presently, the main advantage is, that I 'm already enjoying sweaters, fleecy pjs and other cuddly stuff. Others are still wearing short-sleeved tops, I'm sad for them.

This KIABI warm shopping post is dedicated to other cold sufferers and cuddly wearers everywhere - the selection at KIABI is really quite a good one especially for 'everyday' wear - there are some really lovely ponchos, sweaters, coats, woolies and some great jackets, scroll through the pics for some snuggles.

The lowdown on HD Brows

18 November 2015

If you follow my facebook page - you might have noticed that I've mentioned HD Brows once or twice over the last few months. HD Brows is basically a branded seven step system designed to create perfect-looking, fully-defined statement eyebrows. An HD Brow session lasts between 30-45 minutes and features tinting, waxing and threading. An important detail is that this is a branded system meaning, whilst a therapist might be offering an eyebrow defining service that generates good result - the actual HD Brows system requires a certification. Click here for more info and to see the list of salons offering it in Malta.