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Beauty : Teeth Whitening

23 August 2016

The other week I decided to undergo a new type of beauty maintenance - Teeth Whitening. As you might have realised, I tend to show my entire set of teeth when I smile. I also have green tea, dark choc and red wine obsessions which are all stained-teeth culprits so lately I found myself lamenting my lack of a pearly white smile quite often when looking at my smiling pictures. 

You've been reading about my collaboration with The Entertainer and their 2 for 1 services for quite a while now, my latest try out was this teeth whitening treatment available at ProDent Care in San Gwann at Dentist Dr Lara Cutajar Cassar.

Outfit Post: Summer Days

21 August 2016

I'm basically preparing for the end of summer. Seriously. I'm about to spend a few weeks in Stockholm and it's not exactly Maltese summer weather there. Incidentally, this trip might mean some blog post downtime guys - sorry but I'm going to be a bit busy with a lot of projects and the hubby ain't coming with me which always makes getting perfect photos harder. I won't disappear for three weeks obviously but there might be less frequent postings.

Beauty : Tangle Teezers

19 August 2016

I only got introduced to Tangle Teezers this year (2016). I'd seen them around the shops, read the raving reviews but since my hair is fine and curly, I sometimes feel like any kind of combing and brushing is going to rip half of it off. I was given my first one as a gift and since I had it.. I tried it. It's actually really gentle on the hair, great at removing those tangles, I have so many and when I used it after washing my hair, there weren't too many hairs stuck in it. My original one was quite large 

They've just released two limited edition styles of the tangle compact and these are designed by two of my favourite British designers - Lulu Guinness and Markus Lupfer and these are hitting Malta v v soon. I got a bit of a sneak peek.

My fitness Journey Update

17 August 2016

Last week I wrote about, ok poured out my feelings about my decision to start 'a fitness journey. I asked you all to support me on this new journey and so many of you messaged with encouragement - I felt really motivated. So a big heartfelt thank to everyone. A lot of you also wished to know more about what exactly I was doing and where so as promised I'll be getting into a bit of detail on the update posts.

Beauty: Lips that last

16 August 2016

I was introduced to the Provoc semi-permanent liners a few months ago when I tried out the eyebrow pencil. I've now accumulated a set of lip liners and a couple of eye liners too. I chose a range of colours that can be worn with different shades of lipstick or alone for a matte effect.

Outfit Post : Cashmere Moments

13 August 2016

The Maltese scorching summer might not seem like the right environment for cashmere but I'm changing climate in a week !!! I'm spending three weeks in Stockholm and knowing my freezing abilities and seeing as the weather is already dropping to 11 degrees at night, I'm going to be needing some warmth.