Beauty Post : PUPA I'M LIPSTICK Review

31 August 2014

I was recently sent the PUPA I'm lipstick in 102 STRAWBERRY MILK to review and you can see the result in the selfies I snapped before a night out.

It is a very moisturising lipstick, the colour I used is quite a lovely colour, especially for summer and I really like the texture. Like most moisturising lipsticks, it won't hold against food and drink and will need to be reapplied but the packaging is really cute and not too large so you can carry it around with you. What I liked most about it is that it really defined my lips and it  is very easy to apply - I didn't even need to use a lip brush. It also comes in 40 different shades so for those who never find a shade they like ....with b40 to choose from...I think you're sorted.


This is the story of a pair of Blue Sunglasses. I have previously related the end of this story, yes I told the story backwards, if you haven't read it, you can have a choice, to read the end first as life intended or to read the beginning now and the end later. This part of the story is the tale of the TRIP. 

Since the colour blue is predominantly tied to boys, I have attributed the male gender to the blue sunglasses character in this story.

Beauty Post : Pale PINK Nails Inspiration

29 August 2014

This new nail look is an interesting one for me - my nails are all one colour !!!! And it isn't even a bright colour or a pattern of any wasn't the plan..the plan was to have another colour painted on top of the pale pink taking up 3/4 of the nail on one hand and a 1/4 on the other but they simply looked to gorgeous like this, I couldn't bear to change them. As usual thanks to Femme Beauty in Attard and Christina who has sooo much patience.