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Shopping : Lingerie 4 Valentine @KIABI

29 January 2015

When it comes to lingerie and underwear, my brain is always a bit twofold. On the one hand, I love the idea of beautiful, silky, luxurious lingerie, on the other hand it's underwear, its worn and washed a lot and sometimes the cheaper stuff is more hard wearing. I've decided to own both kinds and use accordingly but I really do thing there is a big case for cheaper clothing when ti comes to underwear and just general lounge-at-home-clothes.

Outfit Post : Mustard On Both Feet

28 January 2015

The Hubby and I rarely match - we have different styles and different moods and there are days where I as he puts it look like 'I'm going to a ball' and he looks like he's going on a hike. On this day however, we matched. Same style, same shoes - time for a 'his n hers' outfit post.

Random Post : The Perplexity of LEGGINGS

27 January 2015

Leggings - I find these to be the most perplexing clothing item of all. I simply can't get why some women are so attached to them. 

Beauty Post : Coloured eyeliners

26 January 2015

I've mentioned using coloured eyeliners before, I had showed this look using a light bright blue here and another wearing purple eyeliner here. I'm still super in love with the concept. It's a great and super quick way to add a pop of colour to your look. Truth be told, you barely need any other eye makeup.

Events Post : My Birthday :)

25 January 2015

caroline paris birthday

Sooo last week I turned 31 and because I'm still a kid at heart I had about 4 different celebrations across the week. More posts to come about what I wore when but the first is the PARTY at Electro Lobster - which was sooo much fun.

Family Corner : Maternity Wear

23 January 2015

Since I've never been pregnant myself, as I mentioned in this first post - which touched on the subject of maternity wear - my experience and knowledge is limited to what I've read and heard. From what I can make out however, dressing yourself when heavily pregnant is no mean task, especially in Malta - apparently here, the choice is really really limited.