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Outfit Post : Kaftans & Temples

31 August 2015

Last week, I attended Luke Azzopardi's fashion show (recap on that to come) at an amazing location - Hagar Qim Temple (estimated to have been built in 3600 – 3200 BC). If you live in Malta and you haven't been to see this temple - run there now, it's truly amazing.

It was quite a hot night so I decided to wear this silk kaftan that was wonderfully cool and comfortable. I also liked the idea of bright colourful patterns against the stone colour. I definetely regretted my choice of footwear, the ground was more uneven than I remembered from my last visit but oh well.


27 August 2015

Unfortunately sometimes, life simply gets too busy and I find myself barely having time to breathe let alone managing to find time to catch up with everyone I wish to. Last week, I finally managed to find time to go out to dinner at the Villa with one of my best friends. We caught up over cocktails, stupendous views and yummy food. 

Protecting your hair in Summer : Tips from Gordon Mayo

Spending the summer in Malta means long days at the beach in the sun, sand between your toes, days on a boat & salt and wind in your hair. As magical as it all sounds, and lets be honest, even those who hate the intense heat, have to admit that it can be pretty wonderful - all that sun, sea and play can start to cause some wear and tear to our bodies. One of the places sun and sea damage can show up is our hair. Hair is said to be woman's crowning glory which considering how exposed it tends to, should raise some concerns for our crown jewels.

Events : Tony Ward Bridal Collection

26 August 2015

Last night at the beautiful Camilleri Paris Mode store in Rabat, a selection of dresses from the 2016 Tony Ward Collection Abstract Roses were showcased. Tony Ward is a Lebanese / Italian fashion designer, he spent seven years working and learning at large French fashion houses - Lanvin, Chloe and Dior - before starting his own label. 

Outfit Post : A little bit of Magic in The Air

24 August 2015

I love complicated outfits, that thrill of pairing different pieces together and create something unique something all yours, maybe something not everyone would wear. Sometimes however, there's nothing like a dress, in summer especially, dresses call out to me and beg to be worn in their simple, uncomplicated state. Many times I listen and then a beautiful, perfectly tailored, dress can give you a magical, wonderful feeling. 

This Roberto Cavalli dress from Rebelli made me feel like an absolute princess. I wore it last Saturday in Italy for an event in Subaudia to which I was invited as Vice President for Malta obo the Malta Chamber of Fashion. The dress has quite a vivid pattern so I kept my hair simple and slicked back, and for makeup I went for dark eyes and faded lips. A pair of Laura Biagiotti shoes (Stivaletti) and a vintage clutch bag completed the outfit for me.

Beauty : LABELM Styling & Half a Head of Curls

I'm quite a product junkie, especially when to comes to hair products - I have never met a product I didn't want to try, especially styling ones. LABELM have so many styling products that I get a bit confused and flustered between them all. So the LABELM guys in Malta asked to go in for a styling half and half session - basically half my curls would be styled one way and the other half, another way.

If you're unfamiliar with the LABELM brand, it's basically the hair product brainchild from Toni&Guy and their forte is styling products. Photo above was taken backstage at a London Fashion Week Show by Kurt Paris.