Events Post : JIMMY CHOO in MALTA at SARTO

22 September 2014

YES - it's TRUE, you've heard right - JIMMY CHOO is now available in Malta and yes of course you can just drop in and's open to all ..just pop by SARTO (which is right next door to Hugo Boss opposite the infamous St Julians/Paceville 'park'). I've spent the last few days answering these questions, so I thought it's high time I wrote this post and gave you all the info. Of course it's not an official Jimmy Choo store but it's even better because whilst checking out the shoes you can also pop by the Dolce and Gabbana section and lust over those breathtakingly beautiful clothes.

Outfit Post : Diaries of the Last Day at LFW


The last day at London Fashion Week was a bitter sweet day. I was tired, very very tired so in a way I think a part of me was glad it was the last day. I also knew that after two days of being back in Malta I was going to miss all of this like crazy. It was also one of the best days of the whole five - it started out a bit crappy, I missed my first show - the only show at London Fashion Week that must have started on time..I arrived ten minutes late and found people already exiting..

LFW : Teatum Jones

19 September 2014

I have been a fan of Teatum Jones for a while now, with every season the duo's collections get better and better their craft seems to get more honed. When the invite to the show arrived I danced a little gig of joy. On the day of the show though I have to admit, I complained a bit - well the ticket said 2 mins away from Somerset House which is true, if, a you are a Londoner and know where you're going, b you're wearing ultra-comfortable shoes and can run rather than walk. Anyway.. I digress.