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Malta Fashion Week : Saz Mifsud

24 May 2016

Designer Saz Mifsud was one of the ongoing exhibitors at this year's Malta Fashion Week. Her scarfs were draped across different parts of the room - hanging from the ceiling, across pieces of furniture - the effect was enchanting. Photos shot by Kurt Paris with the scarfs worn by model Amy Zahra were also hanging around the room. Saz's work is wonderful, really, really beautiful. 

Malta Fashion Week: Carla Grima

23 May 2016

I've been watching Carla's career grow for a few years now. Being honest, in the initial stages of her career, I didn't pay her that much attention. I never could seem to make it to her events and I was convinced her work was not my style but boy she's come a long way from that girl selling scarves outside parties. Her work is elegant and refined and feels mature. 

Malta Fashion Awards 2016 - Fashion Stylist Winner

22 May 2016

And that's the 2016 edition of the Malta Fashion Week & Awards done and dusted. I won the Fashion Stylist Award for the third time - which is absolutely amazing. I am so happy and over the moon. Although this also means I can never get nominated or win this award again, then again, this is probably a good thing considering how fast my heart was beating last night.

Outfit Post: Turban & Funny Bags at Malta Fashion Week

21 May 2016

And on the last day - we wear turbans. I haven't really kept to my original declaration to kee these outfit posts short and sweet and save the time for sleeping. The last one, in particular, was rather lengthy indeed. This one, however, is going to have to be. I'm currently preparing for the Malta Fashion Awards tonight and running really late. So suffice to say that this is the outfit I chose to end Malta Fashion Week 2016 in. Yes, I froze, yes the shoes killed me on that silly flooring and yup still tired. However, check out my smile below - that's a happy girl - I'm doing what I love after all.

Outfit Post: Dress and Shoes at Malta Fashion Week

20 May 2016

From the outfits I've been wearing it might appear as though the temperature is really warm, the truth is that at Ft St Angelo whilst watching a show and experiencing a lovely full-on blast of shore wind I've developed goose pimple patterns worthy of going to print.

Malta Fashion Week: Ritienne Zammit

This week I asked Ritienne Zammit a simple question. When you start to design a new collection what is for you the most important thing - To sell it ? For people to like it ? or For you to like it ? She replied that it is actually none of these - for her the most important thing is to succeed at igniting a passion in her audience. Being a designer in today's world of social media, fast fashion and short attention span is hard. Even a celebrated designer can quickly become irrelevant if they take their eyes off the ball for even just a short while. However, I believe, that whilst focus on sales is important - after all a designer must sell something so as to survive - if that is all the designer cares about, any success will be short-lived. Passion must exist.