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Shopping : Have You Visited LULÙ ?

29 March 2015

The first time I discovered  Lulu` Boutique, I was driving to Busy Bee for cannoli. I was determinedly focused on convincing my parking angels to help me, when out of the corner on my eye an eye-catching blue shop front with a pretty display caught my attention. Food, and cannoli in particular, are of utmost importance but priorities are priorities and I found myself stopping and parking further up from Busy Bee, leaving the car and somehow walking towards this shop. 

Spotlight on NICHOLAS K at Milan Fashion Week

28 March 2015

The NICHOLAS K label is made up of designer duo Nicholas and Christopher Kunz - two designers that together have created something very visually exiting. They showcased in New York this Fashion Week as well but I got the chance to catch the Milan Show.

NEWS : It's the People's Place at TOMMY

25 March 2015

Tommy Hilfiger opened the very first store called People’s Place in New York back in the 1969 when he was still a teen. Like any teen of his generation, his main interests centered around music - rock and roll, friends and fashion. The shop was a hangout for him and his friends where they burned incense, dressed like rock stars, listened to music and painted all the walls black. The brand has grown and evolved in many ways since then and many different styles have been developed over the years.

Outfit Post : White Sneakers Day

24 March 2015

There's something about wearing white shoes that makes me think of Spring, Summer and long, bright days. That is until someone steps on you and said white shoes and unfortunately not that white anymore (yes that happened on these poor little 'uns first outing- luckily they're really easy to clean). 

White sneakers are even more fun and since I got them, these US Polo ones with their brown leather laces and trimmings are driving me particularly crazy calling out to be worn every day. I swear shoes are just like children, constantly asking for attention.

Outfit Post : A SKIRT Goes To Milan Fashion Week

23 March 2015

So this skirt also went to Milan Fashion Week and I wore this outfit on Saturday Evening to a couple of shows and after parties. I also had my makeup done at MAC COSMETICS (yes the rumours are true - they're opening in Malta - yipeee !!) and I went for a totally different look - what do you think ?

Shopping : Finding RELATIVES in DENIM

22 March 2015

Yesterday, after I posted a denim-related insta pic, someone accused me of too much denim-speak, so much so, that I've apparently made them do something totally out of character - buy a shirt - a denim shirt. I greeted this statement with as much pleasure as I did the huge Kinder Easter Egg the hubby just bought me. A denim shirt is a truly versatile piece of clothing that one must, MUST I tell you, place in a wardrobe, ideally of course, there are said's shirt's siblings of mixed race and gender.

In other news, I visited KIABI over Spring break, yes I know Spring Break is for Americans..but in my own mind I've had one too ; maybe next year you can join me; and I was quite impressed with their denim range. I've decided to focus a shopping post on this range, and this should also help you find those aforementioned siblings.