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Caroline's Fashion Card is Here

28 October 2016

If you missed the social media bulletin...I've gone a bit crazy and decided to give all of you an early Christmas present this year. I've created a Fashion Card that allows the bearer exclusive offers and privileges at 28 different stores !!! 


27 October 2016

Ignore the things you have to do and just enjoy a book or two - so speaks my Pandora Charm. Ever since I 've been able to read, I've loved reading. As a child, I used to argue with the librarian over the maximum number of books I could borrow per week. You can't possibly read that many books in a week she would exclaim - oh but I can ! And I did. My friends have memories of me hiding a novel in my school textbook in class and reading.

Shopping : Saving Time Online with lyst

23 October 2016

I recently discovered an online shopping platform tool called lyst. This tool transforms the way you online shop for the better. I love online shopping but there's no debating the fact that not only is it a financial drainer, it's also potentially the biggest time waster around. I'm sure many of you can picture this scenario - log on to your favourite site and search for a black blazer, immediately be presented with many different options but wait there are also black puffy jackets there and actually they're really quite nice, I hadn't thought of them, oh and look those jeans are nice. Maybe I should get them all but actually, I haven't seen what the other site has, I should check, and maybe I should check the sale section too. And repeat.

Beauty : SPLAT Toothpaste

20 October 2016

Recently, I've become a bit more 'knowledgeable' and 'aware' of what I'm putting on my face and body. This generation cares so much about clean eating and organic food but I think when it comes to skin care, hair care etc - we care less. SPLAT is a new generation toothpaste that cares a lot and in fact, none of their toothpastes contain any synthetic antiseptic agents like triclosan or chlorhexidine.

Outfit Post : On Being a Woman

18 October 2016

Sometimes I feel that being a woman is unnecessarily hard. We were dealt a rough hand so to speak, history and society wasn't and still isn't kind to us. We were treated like wallflowers, almost as slaves in some cases and with disregard at the best of times. So what did we do? We fought tooth and nail to overcome prejudice, to stand at equal footing next to a man, to win the right to vote. We fought for our rights.

Shopping: Graduation Gifts for Him & Her

16 October 2016

Choosing the right graduation gift is a monumental task - this gift is a symbol of both the past and present. When one decides to enter the world of academics, whether as a young child or as an adult, life becomes all about events - exams, holidays, assignment deadlines and at the peak Graduation. Graduation is that final sigh of relief after a long road well travelled. I still remember what it felt like  - sitting down on my chair waiting for my name to be called, hoping I wouldn't trip in my robe but also looking back on those last years, the friendships earned, the battles fought whilst also thinking about what lay ahead.