Family Corner : A little Spot of Online Shopping

31 October 2014

Untitled #107

In this edition of the Family Corner I've scouted the web for some pretty and cute items for kids. Disney remains a favourite  in my opinion and the last few years have really seen a surge in the popularity of the main characters, especially Mickey and Minnie. Converse are not just for adults especially pink ones and all girls need a Disney watch and pretty hair grips.

Urban Travel : a Dog & a Tooth UNDERCOVER

30 October 2014

Going undercover is one tough job and that's where a big oversized coat that you can bury yourself in comes in handy. A big scarf that can also hide half your face lends a hand and then of course there's the idea of a big hat, wear it with the brim down for extra cover.

Trends Post : Autumn Layers

29 October 2014

autumn layering

Someone recently pointed out that it's been a while since I've collaged a few outfits together and they're right - no specific reason - just something I stopped doing.  I've been feeling more inclined lately and when ModCloth approached me and asked me to showcase their autumn layers I decided to hop back on the bandwagon.

What to Wear : Winter = Red&Black + FEDORA

28 October 2014

Red & Black is THE ultimate fiery colour combo yet it only gets one season. What with Red being the colour of Christmas and black being the dark non-colour that it is...I simply don't see that many opportunities for red & black in the summer months.

Which brings me to this ribbed, knit, asymmetrical red&black dress.... - okkkk maybe the black is slightly grey ..but who's fishing?- from Max&Co., I'm pretty certain the red&black brings out my eyes or at the very least my FEDORA but leaving that aside I've created two outfits around this dress. Yes magical number 2. 

The one I'm wearing is number 1 ofc but there's another collaged outfit idea further down the road, I think the dress should be paired with a fedora but if it's not your cup of tea  you will be absolved. 

Photoshop and REALITY

Yesterday I asked a question on facebook - Bridal photos should not be edited because they are reflecting reality" - agree or disagree ? - the response was mixed, some people want the 'fantasy' to be perfect and look perfect..others want a higher dose of reality.