Competition Post : WIN with BECOS Skincare

2 September 2014

In a previous calling I wanted to be a makeup artist and then I wanted to be a beautician and then I wanted to be a fashion other words most sectors of what we term the fashion industry have appealed to me over the years and largely still do. Skincare is something I find both exciting and frightening...the right skincare can do wonders to your complexion, the wrong skincare...can do horrible things.

Random Post : The Industry of Modelling

Photography by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Magazine/

It happens in every industry, in every profession, there are the good, the better and the bad. The modelling industry is no exception, both in terms of the people who organise events using models, both in those people who train models, and of course also in the models themselves. 

Beauty Post : PUPA I'M LIPSTICK Review

31 August 2014

I was recently sent the PUPA I'm lipstick in 102 STRAWBERRY MILK to review and you can see the result in the selfies I snapped before a night out.

It is a very moisturising lipstick, the colour I used is quite a lovely colour, especially for summer and I really like the texture. Like most moisturising lipsticks, it won't hold against food and drink and will need to be reapplied but the packaging is really cute and not too large so you can carry it around with you. What I liked most about it is that it really defined my lips and it  is very easy to apply - I didn't even need to use a lip brush. It also comes in 40 different shades so for those who never find a shade they like ....with b40 to choose from...I think you're sorted.