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Milan Fashion Week : Francesco Scognamilio

27 February 2015

This is my first trip to Milan Fashion Week, arriving straight from London fashion week on an early morning flight after 5 days of very little sleep, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Milan Fashion Week is different to London Fashion Week - there's no doubt about that. In London there's a sense of childish fun, from the way the people dress, to the attitude of the staff at Somerset House, there's a lot of happiness that fashion week is here and everyone is determined to make the most of it. Here the attitude is much more grim, much more business minded much more focused. Unlike London the average person interested in fashion does not participate, to be here you must be a buyer or press.

Outfit & Burberry Roundup Post : London Fashion Week Day 4

26 February 2015

Day 4 got a bit complicated when the invite to Burberry arrived. I always use the show as my line when people ask me what shows I'm attending - I quip, well I didn't get in to Burberry (it's always very strictly limited). In fact, I had booked my hair appointment at the time of the show, needless to say this got moved. The thing about fashion weeks is that invites to the shows generally arrive only a few days before so planning ahead is rather difficult.

Outfit Post : London Fashion Week : Day 3

25 February 2015

I started off the day with breakfast at the fabulous Sketch and a braid  at the popup THE BRAID BAR store that was setup at Sketch  for London Fashion Week. The concept is really interesting, they have a braid menu and addons you can do like these pom poms and rings.

After breakfast it was back to the shows 


Outfit Details

Trousers : Vintage
Boots : Nero Giardini at Stivaletti
Bag : Vintage Etro
Scarf, Poloneck : Zara
Coat : Italy
Nails : Femme Beauty Attard

London Fashion Week : Orla Kiely A/W 15

24 February 2015

I've seen so many catwalk shows and presentation over the last few days - I've tried to instagram at least one pic of each of them but I haven't managed to write about each and every one yet. On Day 2 I went to what is still one of my faves - the Orla Kiely A/W 15 presentation. Orla Kiely in general has always been one of my favourites but her presentations are brilliant and super original. This year she created a whole library, I can only imagine how long the setup took. The wooden tables, old copies of vogue, lampshades - simply awesome.

Street Style : London Fashion Week : Burberry A/W 15

23 February 2015

So from my Social Media Streams, it may have come to your attention that I received an invite to the Burberry A/W 15 Show. I must admit my first reaction was - 'what on earth am I going to wear' after which the anticipation  at attending such a high profile fashion show started to kicke in.

London Fashion Week : Street Style - Handbags

One of the first things I notice in an outfit is the handbag or handbag(s) as the case may be. There's something about a beautiful bag that can simply complete an outfit and make it stand apart. There's quite a variety of different styles of bags at London Fashion Week. I wasn't at New York but from the pics I saw, it was all about quirky-as-hell, original bags. Funnily enough even though London is the city with the most eclectic fashion it seems to transcend more in clothes rather than bags.

Here's a few street style snaps taken by Kurt Paris with bags worth of a photo or two..