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Beauty : Makeup that Lasts - MaxFactor Reviews

27 July 2015

I tend to favour more expensive makeup brands over lower-priced ones, mainly because I've found cheaper makeup to be less long-lasting and if there's one thing I hate is spending time creating that perfect makeup look, only to have it melt away a few hours later. Living in Malta and our hot summers don't exactly help the situation. 

Travel : Amalfi Coast - My Top 5

26 July 2015

I'm quite a travel junkie, no sooner have I returned from one trip, I'm already planning and looking into possibilities of another. I love planning my trips, researching, and exploring new places and cultures. As you may know from previous blog posts and possibly a few-too-many Instagram pics, I just returned from exploring the Amalfi Coast. I based myself in Positano, which in my opinion is the most beautiful town along the coast but there's much more to discover and here's my top 5 below.

Family Corner : Baby's SALE

23 July 2015

I honestly think that babies must get excited at sale time, probably more so than adults. I mean. their clothes are already unfairly priced much lower than ours - on sale they're kind of almost the same price as sweets and babies can't eat sweets so I'm sure they think it's a fair trade.

Outfit Post : Backpack in Positano

21 July 2015

Last week, my new backpack and I went to one of the most beautiful and magical places on earth - Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy. My backpack, who for branding's sake we shall refer to as Michael, liked it very much, Michael was a very useful companion - posing for photos, carrying all my stuff, even going so far as to placing my tablet in a special padded compartment. 

Those jeans - well I stole from a boy-friend and am still on the fence as to whether I like the fact that they're oversized - I mean haven't I been trying and trying to reduce my lower half - why have I gone and put something oversized on?

Spotlight on : Ashley Williams A/W 15

18 July 2015

There are some fashion shows that can truly be captured with perfect photos, some were the central focus is simply the clothes. Sometimes, however, along comes a fashion show, that has something a bit more than just clothes, something that cannot be translated into static images. Ashley Williams show last February at London Fashion Week had so much energy, it was inspiring. First thing in the morning on the last day of LFW, it was truly a breath of inspiration.

Outfit Post : Love is The Way

16 July 2015

Just some random photos shot in Taormina - that place is so beautiful and inspiring. This was actually my 'travelling' outfit. I always go for something ultra-comfortable to travel with - flight are already uncomfortable enough, really don;t need any restrictive clothing to add to that.