Thursday, 24 April 2014

PhotoShoot : What happens after a Misunderstanding - Two Stylists, Charles&Ron and a Spot of Modelling

This shoot was shot last September but for various reasons (which we're not sure of ourselves) we never got quite round to releasing the shoot....with the new spring/summer season here we finally decided it was high time to go for it.

The idea for this shoot came about quite by chance..Marisa and I decided we wanted to work as stylists on a shoot together and we thought of the C&R collection. I approached Charles Borg about using his clothes within the shoot.. and he said yes...however, somehow, he got the wrong end of the stick and what he had actually understood was that me and Marisa were to be the models. A few weeks later I spoke to him again about setting a date and mentioned model confirmation but he asked me when me and Marisa would be trying on the clothes…at that point the misunderstanding was brought out into the light amidst some befuddlement on my part..... After enjoying a good laugh he suggested that we really modelled his collection and after laughing some more, Marisa and I decided to go for it.

We thought that the clothes warranted a full out glam look so we hid our curls under wigs (styled by Michael and Guy) and got had airbrush makeup done (by Krista Paris), we then chose two outfits each from the Spring 2013 collection decided on Torri L-Ahmar as a location and let Kurt Paris work his magic.

Simshar : Interviewing Ernest Camilleri

Ernest Camilleri should need no introduction to my Maltese readers, a local legend as regards costume design and I already spoke about him two days ago in an article that highlighted the differences between costume and fashion...  

As promised here is Ernest Camilleri's interview his own words he describes to us the process a costume designer goes through when working on a film and the downs and ups of his job.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Beauty Post : PUPA Blue Eyeliner - NAVY CHIC

First of all let me start by saying..if you haven't realised already the current trend in makeup is blue, blue blue blue...this is NOT the horrible all over-eye-blue eye shadow look from the 80s but a nicer subtle mix of different shades of blue to make the yes pop...don't be scared try it.

One of the most recent products sent to me for review by the lovely people at PUPA Malta was the  VAMP! PROFESSIONAL LINER Eyeliner with Ultra-Fine Brush - WATERPROOF (colour 300 - light blue) from The Spring 2014 COLLECTION NAVY CHIC.