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Paris - Favourites & Off The Beaten Track

29 June 2016

We've all heard the saying 'Paris is Always a Good Idea' and judging from the number of times I've travelled there over the last year, I guess you could say that I'm fully subscribed to that notion. It really is one of my favourite places in the world.

I know there are some people who feel that currently, it might not be the safest place to travel to and I do know people who have cancelled planned trips. The way I see it, driving in Malta definitely has a higher death risk and there's really nothing over there that would make you feel unsafe or uneasy - life goes on as normal, plenty of tourists and citizens out and about. The only difference is that there now is a marked police and army presence on the roads - but nowadays that's true in every major city.

Shopping: Birkenstocks Summer 2016

I make no secret of the fact that I love Birkenstock. They're always the first shoes to be pulled out of the summer wardrobe once the temperatures start rising. This summer I swore I wouldn't add yet another pair to my collection but apparently I make stupid vows. The one I chose isn't in this post - I figured there'll be enough photos of them throughout this summer to annoy you so for this posts it's all the other new editions for Summer 2016 that as always are available from Sivaletti.

Outfit Post : Stars & Denim in Paris Day 1

27 June 2016

So last Friday I hopped on to a plane to spend a few days in Paris. The idea was to get a little bit of holiday time with the hubby and a bit of Paris Men's Fashion Week. I've never attended Paris Fashion Week, neither of the 6 yearly events - this was my first. This was my travelling outfit on the first day which literally took me all around Paris - I think I walked around most of the city that day.

Beauty: Wrinkle Treatments for Mature Skin

24 June 2016

The other day an interesting quote floated around my social media feeds - 'What is women had to suddenly start loving them - think of how many companies would go brankrupt'. There is such truth in this statement. Whilst wanting to preserve your looks or enhance them does not mean you don't love yourself, the truth is women everywhere are constantly striving for ways to improve themselves. The average woman would like to change something about their size, height, facial features, skin condition, hair..the list is endless. 

Outfit Post : Different Seasons & Textures

23 June 2016

Another day, another outfit - there have been so many fashion events and parties lately that I've actually had just about enough of 'dressing up'. I've always been a busy person, largely because i'm that type of a person that doesn't know how to sit still which means I will invent new ways to be busy. However, lately, it's really been a case of wishing life would slow down, even if just for a short while. As I said, a lot of it is my fault, I do plan too many things but then other times it's just life playing tricks on me, popping up with duties and things I must get done just when I thought I had finally found time to have that night off. Then there's that mazing talent of mine to destruct my wardrobe and bedroom in a few minutes making it necessary to then spend over an hour putting it back. At this rate my Xmas 2016 wish is going to be a plea to spend a week at home wearing pjs and lounging around on the sofa..... like a slob.....and eating ice cream. 


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